top 5 dunks

The top 5 most disrespectful dunks of all-time

Jan 15, 2019
There are few things in professional sports more exciting then a jaw-dropping dunk. Here at FYVFY, we’ve put together a list of the most disrespectful dunks of all time – dunks you know you’ll have to watch over and over again to believe. Take a look and let us know if we left out any...

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FY-DENY basketball shoe cover bottoms

The 5 flyest basketball shoes out right now

Dec 19, 2018
Basketball shoes, when made right, serve a dual purpose: to perform well and look good. Depending on your sensibilities, one may be more important than the other, but there’s no denying the value of a shoe that does both, and does both well. There have been a lot of legendary shoes throughout the years, spanning...

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Young basketball player holding his leg in pain.

Tips For Preventing Injury During The Basketball Season

Sep 27, 2018
No matter the level of play, a full basketball season is a long and taxing stretch for even the most conditioned athletes. With so many practices and games on the schedule, the risk of injury is always present, but there are a number of things players can do before and during the season to reduce...

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FY-DENY basketball shoe covers

The Top-Five Ballhandlers of the NBA’s Modern Era

Aug 28, 2018
Many aspects of basketball have changed throughout the decades as new rules, playing styles, and metric-based strategies have developed to give teams the best chance to win – and provide the highest-quality of entertainment. Ballhandling is one aspect that’s changed and grown as new moves and skill sets have been invented, but it’s always been...

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Girls wearing FY-DENYs getting out of vehicle

Shoe Covers Are a Better Alternative to Flip-Flops

Jul 25, 2018
Basketball players today are constantly faced with the challenge of getting to and from the court as easily as possible. As equipment and accessories have changed and grown in recent years, players have become more weighed down in their pre- and post-game routines, nowadays lugging suitcase-sized bags to and from the gym. For a long...

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Blue Hive FY-DENY

PRESS RELEASE: Introducing the FY-DENY

Jul 24, 2018
FYVFY, Inc. introduces the FY-DENY basketball shoe cover FYVFY, Inc., a Minneapolis, MN, sports accessory company is announcing the introduction of the FY-DENY, a must-have basketball shoe accessory for players on the go. Now officially available at and at participating basketball training facilities to be announced over time. The FY-DENY-I by FYVFY is an innovative,...

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